Beauty Treatment by Frances: Welcome
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Beauty Treatment by Frances: Welcome


Ear CandlingEar Candling

Ear candling is a non invasive remedy for soothing the mind and relaxing the body. It dates back to at least Ancient Egypt. This soothing and warm treatment removes ear congestion and helps to alleviate headaches and sinus blockages. Read More...


Frances has been in the hair industry for 40+ years and still holds a strong passion for the art of hair. She takes pride in transforming with giving the new seasonal look with cuts or colors, perms or relaxers or even the usual trim. She can do all this with still keeping the integrity of the hair in mind.



Hair services

Common hair services for both men and women include basic hair cuts, professional hair styling, coloring, highlights, hair treatments and cleansing.


Hand & Foot Services

Revive your feet at any time of year with our signature foot treatment. Our luxurious hand treatment includes a gentle cleanse and massaging.


Ear Candling Treatment

With the beeswax soy wax blend used in our candles, you get a true result in your candling session because there is virtually no residue from the candle!